Freight Factoring

Generate Cash Flow from your Receivables

Even though our economy is on an encouraging rebound, there are still times when small and medium sized companies experience a shortage in cash flow.  Anyone in the trucking business will tell you that peaks and valleys occur with changing trends and seasonal customers that can limit their operational income at certain times of the year.

K1 Financing knows how frustrating it can be when your receivables are high with many invoices reaching the 90-120 day threshold.  Funds simply aren’t there to pay drivers, fuel costs and insurance among other expenses.  That is where we come in.

Freight Factoring Made Easy

The beauty of freight factoring is that it eliminates the need to apply for a loan or use a company line of credit; each of which can incur high interest rates.  K1 Financing will purchase your outstanding receivables for a small fee that gives you instant cash that keeps your company functioning.  Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Depending on market rates, we will extend up to 90% of your outstanding receivables.
  • We assume the collection responsibility from your customer which saves you administrative costs in your receivables department.
  • You receive instant cash flow to meet any of your payables obligations.
  • No credit check is required.
  • Once we collect the outstanding’s from your customer, we will reimburse the remaining balance to you after the advance, discount and fees have been accounted for.
  • It’s not just freight.  We also assist many other small businesses that want to keep the wolves from the door.

We Protect your Credit Rating

Because of the volatility of the economy at any given time, it is essential to maintain your good payment record with any of the credit bureaus.  When you do need a loan from a financial institution, perhaps for investing in new equipment to grow your business, you can take advantage of your good credit rating by utilizing a freight factoring service when times are tough.

Check out our ‘What is Freight Factoring?’ page to learn exactly how you can benefit by using your receivables to gain instant cash flow.  It’s ‘your’ money…..we just get it to you faster.